Child Physiotherapy

Movement Lab Physiotherapy 

Offering Face to Face consults and Telehealth consults. 
We will leave the choice up to you.


Assessment & Diagnosis

Musculoskeletal & Sport Screening
Functional Movement Screening
Primitive Pattern Screening
Running and Gait Analysis

Treatment & Therapy

Soft Tissue Massage
Joint Mobilisation and Manipulation
Percussion Therapy
Lymphatic Massage

Physical Therapy Session

Continued Care

Tailored Progressive Exercise Program

Return to Performance Program

Return to Sport/Play Testing


Online Physiotherapy

Due to the current and evolving landscape of Covid-19, Movement Lab Physiotherapy are also offering physiotherapy and exercise rehabilitation services via Telehealth.

At Movement Lab Physiotherapy we can deliver effective diagnosis, evidence-based education and guidance on exercise rehabilitation of injuries via Telehealth.

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